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Vineyard Church in BG

Come experience God's unconditional love, grace, and compassion.

Who We Are

A Personal Statement from Pastor Gary Bair

"Over and over again people come up to me and say something like the following: "I never thought I'd find a church like this!" That makes my day! Many of these people have been "burned" by a form of toxic, dysfunctional,unhealthy religion masquerading as Christianity; others are seekers -- people who are journeying toward Jesus and have lots of questions; some have struggled with addictions, abuse, poverty, physical and/or mental issues. All of them are precious to Abba Father! And all of them (us!) have the opportunity to experience the compassionate healing love and grace offered in Jesus' life, sacrificial death and glorious resurrection! That's the good news -- the gospel!

God wants to make us whole in every way -- spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, physically, relationally, socially. That process is ongoing and sometimes (most of the time!) very messy. In fact, living as we do "between the times" (between Jesus' first coming as the humble servant who gave His life as a ransom for many, and His second when all things will be restored, renewed and recreated), there is not a straight trajectory from initially saying "Yes" to Jesus to perfection! Quite the opposite, in fact. If we were to track our lives as Christians, we would see that the trajectory looks more like a roller coaster than a straight line upward!

Vineyard Church in Bowling Green was begun with the vision to be a place of welcome, safety, hope and growth. In fact, our motto might be summed up this way:

"It's ok to not be ok here; but it's not ok to stay not ok here!"

We are all "Life Students of Jesus" (Dallas Willard's phrase from his wonderful book, "The Divine Conspiracy"). That means we are all constantly learning, constantly changing, constantly confronting our flesh and our desires that are in opposition to "grow(ing) up in all aspects into ... Christ" (Ephesians 4:15).

The amazing thing is this: God has chosen to work through people like you and me! He wants to use each of our individual personalities, talents and gifts to weave a tapestry of divine love and power that touches our community as well as our world! After all, we're part of something much bigger than us!

We would welcome you to check out what God is up to at Vineyard Church in BG... And come as you are, you'll be welcomed and loved!

Blessings, grace & peace"